• Motorway driving
  • How to use the motorways
  • Towing


Towing a caravan or trailer changes your car’s roadholding and lengthens your stopping distances. Following the recommendations below to tow safely.

Before setting out

information motorway traffic France : towing- Check the pressure and condition of your tyres (including the one on your spare wheel)

- Make sure loads in the caravan or trailer are evenly spread and firmly attached.

On the motorway

  • Do not exceed 100 km/h.
  • Comply with local speed limits, especially on downhill slopes.
  • Be very careful in windy weather, which can destabilize your vehicle and the caravan or trailer.
  • If the car plus caravan or trailer is more than seven metres long overall, drive no closer than 50 m from the vehicle in front.
  • On motorway stretches with more than two lanes, only use the two right-most lanes, even for overtaking.
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