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Staying alert

Driving while tired is the main cause of fatal accidents on the motorway. Constant alertness is a crucial prerequisite for safe driving.

Take frequent breaks

  • - At the first sign of fatigue, take a break of 10 to 20 minutes.
  • - Take a break regardless of how close you are to your destination: accidents are four times as frequent toward the end of a journey.
  • - Rest and service areas are designed for you to take a break: so stop, take a snack, and take a nap. In the summer, you’ll also enjoy the many special entertainment and educational features at motorway service areas throughout the country!

staying alert, safety motorway France

First signs of fatigue

- Learn how to recognize the first signs of fatigue: heavy eyelids, frequent need to change position, stiff neck, etc.

Air your vehicle and drink regularly

  • - Before setting out again, make sure your vehicle is sufficiently aired. Heat can make you sleepy.
  • - Drink water. (Of course, you should not drink alcohol: even small amounts of alcohol will aggravate fatigue.)
  • - Avoid heavy meals.

High-risk times

motorway travel news france : high-risk timesBe especially vigilant if driving at night: most accidents happen at night, (with a peak from midnight to 06:00).
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