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Service areas

There are service areas with restaurant, refuelling and shopping facilities at frequent intervals on all French motorways, as well as numerous pleasant rest areas for taking a break.


  • - Regular breaks are a must for drivers and passengers alike.
  • - Most service areas have the following facilities:
            - Wooded picnic areas
            - Children’s play areas
            - Nursery areas

Worth knowing:

  • - The pleasant, convenient rest areas along France’s motorways are designed to encourage motorists to take regular breaks. All have toilets and most have picnic tables and children’s pay areas.              
  • You’ll find one every 15 km on average.


France’s motorway service areas cater to all tastes, offering a broad choice of full meals and light snacks.

motorway services france : mealsAny type of meal:
  • Sandwiches and other fast-food options
  • Self-service cafeteria
  • Restaurant with waiter service
In summer, some service areas run the special Croq’Malin programme promoting balanced meals at very affordable prices.


  • - There are more than 330 shops along the French motorway network, selling a wide range of products:  :
               - Regional specialities
               - Foodstuffs
               - Newspapers, magazine and books
               - Clothing, electronic equipment, etc.
  • - Other facilities include:
               - Cash dispensers (ATMs)
               - Mailboxes.

Think about it !

Most areas are today equipped with adapted trash cans for selective sorting. Use them!



  • Forty or so service areas have internet terminals or WiFi hotspots, from which you can send email or surf the web.
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