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Seatbelts are an essential —and legally compulsory— safety measure, front and rear.

Buckle up, before you even turn the key

safety motorway : seatbelts Under impact conditions, all vehicle occupants not wearing seatbelts face the same risks:
  • - Projection toward the front of the vehicle under frontal collision
  • - Impact with vehicle sides under lateral collision
  • - Ejection from vehicle if the vehicle rolls over

safety on french motorways, seatbelts
Legal requirement: Drivers of a vehicle in which any occupant is not wearing a seatbelt face the loss of three points from their licence, plus a fine of €135.

Children under 10

  • - Children under ten should be seated in a special seat or on a special booster, suitably approved and adapted to their size and weight.
  • - Children’s belts should be fastened firmly, across the shoulder and the top of the thighs.
  • - For full information, see the children's safety section on the Prévention Routière website.
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