Safe speed and driving distance

You must adjust your speed to traffic and weather conditions at all times.

Don’t exceed the speed limit

speed motorway : safe speed

130 km/h in dry weather with good visibility
110 km/h in wet weather
50 km/h
with visibility below 50 metres
100 km/h if towing a caravan or trailer
Only overtake if your speed is over 80 km/h.

To avoid collision in the event of unexpected braking, never drive too close to the vehicle in front.

Did you know ?

By respecting speed limitations, you reduce pollution as you reject less toxic gas in the atmosphere, save fuel and increase you safety.

One line danger, two lines safety

The white lines separating the right-most lane from the hard shoulder provide an indication of safe driving distance.

speed motorway : driving distance


Test your reflexes with this module on safe driving distances.

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